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Executed by a UW Registered Student Organization

  • The CSE Industry Affiliates Fair, the Spring Fair, Summer Fair, Engineering Hiring Expo, etc. are all coordinated by either the UW Career & Internship Center or their hosting departments.

  • On the other hand, the Science & Engineering Career Fair is entirely student-run, and is one of the few recruiting events on campus hosted by a UW student organization.

    • ​Doing so allows our members to build leadership, teamwork, planning and execution skills—thereby acquiring valuable experiences as we transition into the workforce and embark on our careers. 

    • SEBA has coordinated and executed the Science & Engineering Career Fair annually since 2006. 

  • Revenue gained from the event funds our operations throughout the year (Science & Technology Showcaseprofessional growth & networking eventsleadership training programs). 

    • As a student organization, all proceeds go towards our mission and goals. We do not pay ourselves for our efforts—neither our officers, advisory board, or members. 

Open to All UW Students 

  • Unlike the CSE Industry Affiliates Fair which serves Computer Science & Engineering students, our career fair is accessible to students of all engineering and science disciplines.

  • As a result, our career fair provides a better cross-section of talent across campus—having a wide spectrum that encompasses Computer Science to Mechanical Engineering and anywhere in between. ​

Amenities Fully Provided that other UW Career Fairs do not

  • We provide quality booth decor (pipe and draping with table skirts) to all of our participating employers. This creates a more professional and official-looking appearance for making the perfect first impression on job-seeking candidates.

  • Each booth also has their own electrical power to keep your devices powered throughout the day.

  • You will not go hungry. We provide complimentary continental breakfast, and a lunch box complete with authentic French pastries. A post-event reception (with food and drinks) will also be held after the fair for your enjoyment. Snacks and beverages will also be available throughout the entire day. 

Marketing and Promotion

  • Our website attracts students seeking information about the career fair and SEBA in general, creating opportunities to expose and promote employer registrants and sponsors to site visitors. 

  • No other career fair's website has this much reach, engagement, depth of content, or aesthetics.

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