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About the Company

IM Flash Technologies is a joint venture between Intel Corporation, and Micron Technology, Inc. IM Flash marries the technology, assets, and experience of two major corporations to manufacture Emerging Non-Volatile memory solutions-an increasingly important and fast-growing memory technology used in enterprise systems, consumer electronics, removable storage, and handheld communication devices.

Mission, Vision & Values

Our mission is to be the preeminent manufacturer of non-volatile memory through innovative solutions.

A Day in the Life Of
How We Make Our Product
Positions & Experience Company is Looking For:
  • Summer 2018 Interns

Majors Interested In: 
  • Chemical Engineering

  • Electrical Engineering

  • Materials Science & Engineering

Education Levels Recruiting:
  • B.S.

  • M.S. 

Positions Recruiting: 
  • Full-time

  • Internship

Is company interested in hiring International Students? 
  • No

Will Selected Candidates be invited for on-campus interviews?
  • Yes

Is there an Information Session? 
  • Yes, details below:


Date: Tuesday, Oct. 24th 2017 (the day before the Science & Engineering Career Fair)

Time: 5:30 PM

Location: HUB 340 

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