SEBA networking events bring together science and engineering students with professionals in the greater Seattle community.


Meet individuals in biotech, engineering, consulting, law, and many other disciplines over lunch or happy hour provided by SEBA.

Participants gain exposure to new industries, get information on specific career paths, make valuable connections, and practice networking in a casual setting.

Learn about the day to day work of a particular career, pros/cons of specific disciplines, and how to prepare for working in a particular industry.

SEBA holds a 1- to 2-hour lunch and/or happy hour session twice a month at locations near the UW campus.

These events are open to science and engineering undergraduates, graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows.

Before attending an event, participants are asked to submit an updated resume and online application.


Establish connections that can aid in your future educational and career goals by taking 5 minutes to apply today.

For more information contact VPs of Networking at

Networking Lunch Series