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Leadership Edge

SEBA is excited to offer students a specialized curriculum designed to develop their skills in management, teamwork, and communication by providing this program at a significantly discounted cost


Leadership Edge has trained over 4,000 scientists and engineers to be stronger job candidates and managers. Students who attended the program in 2013 stated that it has been critical to their success post-graduation


For more information, please see: 

If you are an MS or PhD student interested in a career in business or industry, then the Leadership Edge program, From the Laboratory to Leadership, is for you!

Past Offerings

>> SEBA Leadership Edge Overview

  • Two, eight hour sessions led by a certified The Leadership Edge Facilitator on campus (8:30am-4:30pm, May 4th and May 18th)

  • Cost to SEBA members: FREE (Actual value of $1,300, difference covered by scholarship funds provided by SEBA)

  • Program is limited to 20 students

  • Program will close with a networking event hosted by SEBA

>> Applications will close Friday, April 14th at 11:59pm.

>> Selection Criteria:

Applicants to the SEBA Lab to Leadership Program presented by The Leadership Edge will be selected by the SEBA officers based on:

  • Their involvement with SEBA (including completion of membership requirements)

  • Their proximity to graduation, and

  • Their interest in pursuing a career in business or science management.

The program is limited to 20 applicants and SEBA reserves the right to make all final scholarship decisions.


>> SEBA Members apply here: SEBA May 2017 From the Laboratory to Leadership Application

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