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RoadstarAI.png is an Artificial Intelligence startup company that specializes in Autonomy Level 4 technologies and application. The Company empowers cars and trucks with artificial intelligence, so as to make transportation safer, more enjoyable, more efficient, and available to everyone.’s multi-sensor fusion solution adopts the use of heterogeneous sensors, such as LiDARs, cameras, millimeter wave radars, GPS, and others, to perform high precision measurement and perception. 

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Founded in May 2017, is an artificial intelligence startup that specializes in Level 4 Autonomous Driving technologies. They focus on providing smart autonomous driving solutions to transform future transportation system using a robust and unique multi-sensor fusion framework. The company is committed to creating an intelligent autonomous driving system for safer and more enjoyable travel experience. has established R&D centers in Silicon Valley, USA, as well as Beijing and Shenzhen, China. As of now, it has around 80 employees. Our core technology team consists of talented engineers and research scientists from top engineering universities. Prior to joining, they worked at world’s leading AI companies including Google, Apple, Tesla, Boeing, Nvidia and so on. With their previous working experiences and strong academic backgrounds, our team members effectively cover every aspect of the whole R&D chain in developing autonomous driving technologies.


On May 15th, 2018, announced $128 million in Series-A Funding, which is the single largest investment made in an autonomous driving company in China thus far. The company has already formed strategic partnerships with OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers from Japan, USA, and Europe.

Benefits & Perks 

  • Learn from a highly experienced mentor as you jointly undertake cutting-edge autonomous driving problems, implement novel solutions, and advance the field.

  • Experience real-life autonomous driving situations and personally engage with real-world data, contribute to the publication of innovative and influential international papers, patent groundbreaking technology, and participate firsthand in the vanguard of the autonomous vehicle revolution.

  • Take advantage of opportunities to participate in specialized training events, attend high-caliber technical seminars and meetings, and communicate directly with world leaders in the technology industry.

  • We offer a generous salary, a substantial year-end bonus, and have no predetermined salary limit.  Come face the forefront of technology's cutting-edge challenges with us!

  • Enjoy our wonderful benefits, including a first-class health insurance plan, comprehensive welfare, and an ample supply of food and drinks all day long.

Employer Information Session

DATE: Tuesday, October 30th, 2018

TIME: 6:30pm-8:30pm 


If you are interested in working with, please remember to bring your resume to the info session, the career fair, or apply on their company career page:

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